Lovely couples,  in lovely Country:
 land of wonders!

A unique and unforgettable experience that will seal your love story 
and that will be imprinted forever in the memory of you and of your guests.

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of you and your partners lives. It should be a day filled with love and laughter and excitement; dancing, eating and toasting your love. It should be a day that is simply magical. Simona created just that for Ryan and myself. From the start, Simona was knowledgeable, incredibly well-connected, clear in her understanding of our vision; and she deeply cared about us. We felt special and we felt heard. There was no request that she wasn’t able to deliver to us. She remedied every matter and handled it with the utmost professionalism. She is family at this point! We spent the last year speaking with her more than some of our relatives…and I’m so glad we did because the end result was breathtaking. I cannot say enough good thing about Simona and what her skills meant to us. I wish everyone had a planner and supporter like Simona!!

MIRIAM & RYAN | 30.09.2023
Borgo di Castelvecchio

I wish everyone had a planner and supporter like Simona!!

A guarantee!

We couldn’t be happier with how Simona managed to make our special day even more extraordinary.

I should mention that I work in the industry and have known Simona for a few years. As soon as I met her, her confidence, professionalism, and knowledge of every detail and every behind the scenes in the organization of an efficient, elegant, and well-planned wedding impressed me immediately.

When it came time of our wedding, we couldn’t think of her!

From the very beginning, Simona proved to be highly professional, providing us with invaluable advice on every aspect of planning.

Her experience in the field is evident, and despite the complications posed by the venue and the number of guests (200), she coordinated every detail impeccably, ensuring that everything went with the flow on the wedding day.

Antico Convento i Cappuccini

Simona takes care of us from the first moment with professionalism, involvement and flexibility. She offered us various estimates vendors (music, lights, animation, photography and flowers) in order to find the one that best met our needs. She understood us and was able to support us, making use of an excellent team of proven professionals. She collaborated excellently with the catering that we had already chosen. She was always punctual and present and made many vital suggestions to make everything work beautifully. She was very good at calibrating herself according to our requests: she solicited us without being pressing. The wedding and party went exactly as we wished. Everything was great!

ERIKA & MARCO | 05.07.2023

Everything great

Forget the “Dream Wedding” – Simona fashioned a wedding “Beyond” our Dreams

Simona provided wedding planning, coordination, Italian-English translation and day-of orchestration for our most special day.

Our journey began (pretty late I might add, at only 4 months out) with us providing a requirement of a “simple local country” theme at a unrealistically too-low budget and left it to Simona’s expertise to craft something we’d enjoy. Simona knows all the local vendors so she was able to list 2-3 great options for each category for us to evaluate and choose, each one with a rough price estimate. Once we discussed the ones we wanted, Simona helped us with the detailed decisions. We’d answer Simona’s prompts, occasionally offer our requests as things come to us, but otherwise Simona and the vendors handled all the rest, presenting us with the plan for our approval.

DAVE & ISIL | 13.08.2023

A dream wedding thanks to Simona. She is always kind and attentive and helpful in giving advice from the type of menu to choose to welcoming guests.

During the wedding she was always present with discretion and attention so that everything went as planned. Nothing has been left to chance. We are delighted with the choice made.

CINZIA & PIERPAOLO | 5.10.2022
Villa Pienza

Intimate wedding in ne of the best beautiful venue in Valdorcia. The same atmosphere and scenarios of the Elysian Fields in the film “Gladiator”!

A goergous Borgo in Valdorcia with a unique landscape to experience together with your guests.

Simona was incredible from start to finish. Our wedding in July 2022 was a dream.

Simona took care of all of our needs from the night before the wedding to the ceremony
and to the after party. The setting of the tables and the food both of the days was beautiful
and the service the whole way through was outstanding

Simona handled everything perfectly and communicated with us just the right amount to make sure everything was the way we wanted and imagined. Even when we had some unexpected rain at our welcome dinner, she handled this with such ease, it’s like we didn’t even notice the change.

I would highly recommend her services, she is detail oriented, professional, and extremely great
at what she does. It’s nice to know you can trust someone to get the job done even better than expected on your wedding day!

MARIA & ALEXANDER | 13.07.2022
Borgo di Castelvecchio

We met Simona during the organization of our wedding and right away it seemed we had always known her!

She is an outstanding girl!
She advised us on everything; from the choice of the menu, to the equipment, demonstrating all her competence and professionalism.
Not to mention her availability; she has always responded immediately to our every request, meeting our needs, with extreme kindness!

It is thanks to Simona that everything was perfect on our wedding day!

Thank you with all my heart!

JESSICA & ANDREA | 11.06.2022
Fattorie di Celli

Luxury Resort where every detail is studied to experience the authenticity of Tuscany.

Romantic wedding in a Castle situated between Florence and Siena, in the heart of Chianti area.

Simona was our first point of contact for our Tuscan wedding in San Casciano in Val di Pesa and since the first email to the big day, the service was outstanding.

Her professionalism and help in organising our wedding was excellent and was always ready to make prompt and helpful suggestions whether it was the band, florists and most importantly (for me!) the food!

The food at our wedding which Simona organised was nothing short of spectacular.

All the wedding guests were so complementary and we were thrilled with how everything turned out.

Whether you are Italian or English, we recommend making contact with Simona if you want a wedding as magical as ours.

ERICA & COLIN | 28.05.2022
Castello il Palagio

The organization left us speechless, Simona is fantastic! He directed our wedding with impeccable professionalism, all the guests complimented us!

Thank you so much, without you it wouldn’t have gone so well.

JAMES & MICHELA | 28.08.2021
Villa Magi

Precious Art Nouveau Villa in the heart of Tuscany.

Ancient medieval venue in Chianti

Available, present and always ready to accommodate every request!

We were so glad we chose her to help us on our day!

CARLOTTA & MARCO | 02.06.2021
Villa Cini

Simona followed the organization of our wedding impeccably, everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail.

For us she was a friend, psychologist and obviously wedding planner, who we highly recommend if you want to make your wedding day unforgettable.

GIANLUCA & SARA | 31.07.2021
Cantina Baldetti

Amazing winery venue for wine lovers… near Cortona.

Historical location for a unique and very romantic reception near Florence.

A success … loved by all! 

We were personally followed by Simona, who was really a great help. Unfortunately, like many other couples, we too have been forced to postpone the marriage due to Covid; Simona was truly a salvation in this situation: we thought together about possible solutions, she was able to reassure us when everything seemed impossible and she was impeccable in organizing the day.

Even during the party he gently guided us through all the moments, respecting the timing we had decided together.

All the guests congratulated us on the menu, the abundance of choices of the aperitif and dessert buffets and on the organization.

We couldn’t be more proud and happy.

DANIELA & STEFANO | 06.09.2020
Castello Pratelli

What can I say, Simona accompanied us during the prewedding and in the evening of the event in a special way. I have a few other adjectives. Serious, precise, punctual, helpful, reassuring.

It made that magical day even more. We just had to think about enjoying that day, which we wanted so much, despite the Covid speech.

AGNESE & STEFANO | 29.08.2020
San Gimignanello

Its courtyard is the ideal setting for memorable weddings.

Amazing venue near Siena, with Duomo and Torre del Mangia view.

Top professionalism!

A special thanks to Simona, who followed us with passion and professionalism from the beginning of our journey until the day of the wedding, to which she was personally present, and guided the evening in the best way! 

Thank you very much.

ALESSIA & PAOLO | 08.08.2020
Volte di Vicobello

We had a really great time! Special thanks to the supervisor Simona who was able to satisfy all our requests.

Professionalism, courtesy, attention to detail by the staff and chefs, excellent dishes, abundant and cooked with care, impressive settings and a spectacular open bar.

Enthusiastic guests.

COSTANZA & LUCA | 02.08.2020
Villa Passerini

A magnificent Renaissance residence located in Cortona.

Lovely day in Valdorcia: sun, suggestive location, memorable details, family & frends… the right mix for a success wedding day!

Like a movie! Simona followed us from start to finish, all her advice was perfect, the attention to every detail made our wedding even more rich in details.

A special relationship was immediately established. We advise anyone getting married to have Simona by their side, it was thanks to the love she puts into her work that our wedding day was unique and even more full of emotions.

SILVIA &LORENZO | 14.07.2017
Pieve di Palazzo Massaini

There are not enough words to describe the magnificent work done by Simona, who with her sweetness, passion and great professionalism really made us experience one of the best days of our lives!

Despite the tight deadlines, everything was organized to perfection, from the delicious food (still thanking relatives and friends), to the fairytale setting.. at the time of the king and queen cake! it was a great party, fun and perfectly successful !! a daydream !!

THANK YOU very much ..but we will never be able to thank you enough!!!!!

SARA & FRANCESCO | 9.12.2016
Convento di Giaccherino

Wonderful winter wedding in Pistoia. The magic of the Christmas atmosphere between lights and details that leave an indelible mark on your memories and those of your guests.

The religious ceremony at the Abbey of Monte Oliveto, celebrated by the Benedictine monks. Reception in wonderful Castle of Gargonza.

Without words… our dreamed wedding day!

SIMONA & MICHELE | 13.07.2013
Castello di Gargonza

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